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To get the best experience right away, watch our video and try unfolding a few times before taking a seat. Sitpack 2.0 is adjustable in each segment and can be adjusted more by changing your seating angle, by placing your feet further in front of you, or closer to Sitpack. The foot is made from high friction TPE and will not slip unless its a wet, oily, or very smooth surface. If you have and early 2015 unit, please check youtube.

DISASSEMBLE (For 2016 model only)

If the telescopic tube is not locked and put to use or unlocked completely when closing it - the tubes will be pushed into one another. The leg will rattle and not be able to lock or close before repairing it. Sitpacks is not broke, it just needs adjustment. Please watch this short video and learn to disassemble and repair your Sitpack.



Sitpack Zen is probably the worlds most compact and lightest ergonomic high seat, as well as our most advanced one-legged seats yet. 1. Always unfold Zen by holding it with the bottom in an upwards position. 2. Push the wings down one by one until the seat snaps into place. 3. Push up the ring on the top tube to tighten the seat structure, and then 4. pull, extend, and twist to lock the leg. 5. To fold-up the Sitpack Zen start by pushing down the ring, to loosen the seat 6. Use your thumb to push off the plastic clips on aluminium wing 7. Then collapse the tubes, and lock the leg in place by twisting it.



Our Campster chair is cleverly engineered to not need any assembly, it work's right out of the bag. Just, open the velcro, grab a leg and hold it bottom-up. Let the telescopic arms fall down and extend them one by one. Lock each arm by aligning the white lines on each tube. When that's all done, test if everything is locked into place before sitting down.